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Сontract manufacturing

Have an opportunity to produce a full cycle of mass or small-scale manufacturing "from idea to finished products"

  • receive or make drawings for a potential client
  • thoroughly study the details and wishes for the future product
  • coordinate the material taking into account the assessment of operating conditions
  • make calculation of cost and terms of delivery
  • coordinate terms of delivery, prepare and deliver

Other related services

1. Welding works
Welding on rotators (circumferential weld) MIG
welding of straight seams in automatic mode (TIG аrgon)
welding of circumferential seams on an automatic machine ( TIG, MIG)
2.Laser cutting services (read the terms)
cutting of a round pipe with a diameter up to 200 mm
cutting of shaped pipe, size diagonally from 20 mm to 200 mm
cutting of plate metal in a dimension of 1500х3000 mm up to 16 mm thick
3. Metal sheet bending services
bending of the sheet on the metal-press break machine with CNC Durma HAP 2560 length to 2500 mm, thickness to 8 mm
reducer rolling, bead forming etc
4. Painting line
powder painting on the new automated line of powder painting in the length up to 7 meters, high productivity
5. Painting of a wooden molding
painting, varnishing, impregnation of a wooden molding on the automatic La Perlina machine (Italy). Simultaneous, four-sided finishing of a product by a paint and varnish covering. Maximum dimensions are 300x80 mm, length from 300 mm. Productivity - up to 1000 meters per hour.
6. Pipe bending services (read the terms)
providing bending services on new pipe bending machines with CNC KM-76NCBA and DW50CNC3A2S
round pipe with a diameter from 10 mm to 76 mm, the maximum wall of 10 mm
shaped tube up to 60x60 mm
rod up to 50 mm
7. Services of forming of the ends of pipes (read the terms)
providing services of molding of the ends of pipes, developing technologies of molding, machines, making equipment for molding, other.
8. Electric resistance welding
Electric resistance welding on the new equipment МТ-2202
9. Deep Drawing
service of deep and over deep drawing are carried out on hydraulic presses of double action of 160 tn and 315 tn
10. Milling and Lathe
milling on the processing center with CNC AMM-1016, the milling machine with СNC 6P13, lathes 1M63, 16K20
11.Engineering services
we have our own design office, technical support of projects, experimental models etc
12. Welding fume extractor (link to the web-site)
Our unique welding fume extractor has a number of global advantages over standard general horizontal and vertical exhaust ventilation systems.
The high efficiency of the used filter materials ensures the capture of at least 99.75% of harmful substances in the room.

Complex projects - from the idea to implementation in the industrial design. Contract production, serial small-scale production.

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Our enterprise is located in the very center of Ukraine in the city Dnipro.
Modern equipment - production facilities and plant management are located on an area of ​​over 3000 sq. m. The workshop is equipped with a modern park of equipment, in large mass with CNC, it allows to produce goods with high quality requirements in a short time at an affordable price.
Highly qualified employees - high professionalism and modern approach of engineers and designers, allows you to create high-quality and high-tech products recognized not only in Ukraine, but also in the world, which is confirmed by European and local certificates of the importing countries.
Experience - For 12 years of effective work, we have developed and continue to develop a number of promising areas both in the final product (goods and services) segment and in the technological one.
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