Modern equipment
Our company is located at the centre of Ukraine in Dnipro city. Manufacturing facilities and plant management are located on the area of 2 850 sq.m. The production facility is equipped with a modern equipment fleet, predominantly with CNC, which allows us to produce goods with high quality requirements in a short time at an affordable price.
Highly qualified staff
High professionalism and modern approach of engineers and design specialist allows to create high-quality and high-tech products recognized not only in Ukraine, but also in the world, which is confirmed by European and local certificates of the importing countries.
The company's staff includes more than 100 employees who are experienced performers in their area of responsibility.
For 6 years of effective work we have developed and go ahead with development a number of promising areas both in the product (goods and services) segment and in the technologic segment. During this short period, we have completed more than a hundred projects, the pool of active loyal customers of services has already reached the first hundred and continues to grow steadily.
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Product engineering
Product development based on the customer's idea: creation of drawings, models and other necessary documentation, strength calculations and ergonomic analysis for manufacturing the final product or series.
Industrial design and metal products development is one of the activities of our company for the provision of intellectual services, i.e. in establishing of intellectual property.
When creating a product design, we take into account all your wishes and requirements. As a result, you will receive your own exclusive industrial design applied to the product you require. Our constructor engineers will turn a designer's fantasy into a real product, developed using the latest CAD technologies of 3D design.

Customized parts production or contract manufacturing
This is the customized production at the facilities of an independent manufacturer, which ensures full compliance with the technological cycle and quality control of finished products in accordance with the customer's requirements. We carry out both the performance of individual technological operations and the implementation of a full production cycle. If necessary, our engineers provide you with necessary clarifications and recommendations. Manufacturing of metal products according to your drawings, without drawings or according to a sample. We will advise you material, prepare technical documentation, and manufacture products right on time.
Series manufacture of self-engineered products
Range of simple and complex products and metal structures: supporting bracket, holders, angle elements, metal cabinets, racks, terminal devices and much more. Our company uses plant floor automation in large-scale, small-scale or even pilot production at all stages - cutting metal sheets, bending metal blanks, welding metal parts, painting with powder paint. If there is a need to organize the serial production of metal cases, sheet metal products, as well as full cycle products, then our production facilities are at your service!
Metal sheet bending
Cold sheet metal working technology on modern profile bending machines and rolling-and-bending machines. Products of various shapes on CNC sheet bending press. Metal bending is a process without which it is impossible to produce finished metal product. All our sheet bending presses are equipped with modern CNC, which makes it possible to produce any product, both simple and complex shapes. It will not be difficult for our operators to bend almost any metal workpiece.
Pipe bending
Bending of metal pipes using cold technology on modern profile bending machines and pipe bending machines. Products of various shapes on CNC pipe bending machines. Mandrel bending of pipes is a process in which it is possible to produce pipe structures of any shape with a bending accuracy of up to 0.1 degrees. All our pipe bending machines are equipped with modern CNC systems, which makes it possible to manufacture any products, both simple and complex shapes. It will not be difficult for our operators to bend almost any metal pipe.
Welding work
Welding work is the process of obtaining a permanent connection by establishing interatomic bonds between the parts to be welded during their local or general heating, or plastic deformation, or the combined action of both. The following welding works are carried out at our enterprise:
• welding by semiautomatic device in carbon dioxide environment
• argon-arc welding by nonconsumable electrode
• capacitor-discharge percussion welding for metalware welding on
• electric resistance welding for sheet articles connection
• TIG longitudinal seam welding in automatic mode
• TIG / MIG girth welding in semi-automatic mode on rotators and in automatic mode on a girth seam machine.
Turning and milling works
The works are performed on vertical milling machining centers with CNC and lathes.
Fitter's work
Deseaming, polishing of welded seams, metalware welding of various kinds. Various methods of joining metal structures are available: welded, bolted, riveted and others.
Processing of metal products, usually finishing or complementary processing:
• cleaning and polishing of welded seams
• installation of blind rivets and threaded rivets
• cutting threads of various sizes
• other manual operations
Shot blasting and powder coating
A durable polymer coating that is resistant to mechanical attack, moisture and aggressive environment. We offer powder coating in any color and a wide range of textures, as well as other types of additional coatings. For the best adhesion of polymer coatings, we treat the surfaces by shot blasting.
Stamping, expansion
We have our own park of hydraulic presses for stamping, expansion, deep drawing of products that are used, or can be used in production batch. Mill-turning machines group helps to produce dies for presses in the shortest time.
During the existence of the enterprise, we have exported products to Germany, Holland, Jordan, Israel, South Korea, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.
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