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Pipe bending services

Technical capabilities of pipe bending machines
DW50CNC-4A-2SV  pipe bending machine with CNC
Maximum diameter 50 mm, wall thickness 3 mm
Progressive tube bending machine of a new generation, implemented on servo motors, with a three-level 3D bending method with a booster function (push-down for radii less than CLR 1.5D) and large-radius rolling in one setting. Built-in CNC punching function. Possibility of bending spirals with bent mandrel ends.
GM-76NCBA electro-hydraulic bending machine with CNC
maximum diameter 76 mm, wall thickness 4 mm. (As the pipe diameter decreases, the maximum wall thickness increases) 3D bending function.
+ Optional CNC pipe bending complex with induction heating function. Maximum pipe diameter is 350 mm wall 20 mm.
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Our enterprise is located in the very center of Ukraine in the city Dnipro.
Modern equipment - production facilities and plant management are located on an area of ​​over 3000 sq. m. The workshop is equipped with a modern park of equipment, in large mass with CNC, it allows to produce goods with high quality requirements in a short time at an affordable price.
Highly qualified employees - high professionalism and modern approach of engineers and designers, allows you to create high-quality and high-tech products recognized not only in Ukraine, but also in the world, which is confirmed by European and local certificates of the importing countries.
Experience - For 12 years of effective work, we have developed and continue to develop a number of promising areas both in the final product (goods and services) segment and in the technological one.
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